The George Floyd/Margaret Sanger Memorial Scholarship

Even though #MargaretSanger was a Racist who would end up killing many tens of thousands of times more than the KKK ever dreamed of, we should Ignore her life and focused on the Movement (Planned Parenthood, Abortion) she started.

Geroge Floyd is the same way, even though he lived a life that is by no mean a role model for anyone, Universities across the country are establishing Scholarships in his legacy. My School, Oakwood University, has established such a scholarship.

Is this something that Universities should do?
Should a person’s life matter?
Should a death matter?


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Confronting White Supremacy

Spencer Goes to the Black Jewish Justice Alliance Heschel/King Forum with his MAGA gear to ask a very simple question. “What is White Supremacy?”

The following is a very in-depth conversation among activists about the idea of White Supremacy.

The Following other topics were also discussed.
– Being a Jew.
– Pretending to the Roman Catholic.
– Trying to achieve a world where you don’t assume someone’s gender.
– Hair as apart of culture.

The conversation was impactful because no one expected a Young Black Conservative to show up asking very simple questions.

What I learned is that White Supremacy is so pervasive, so integral, so ingrained and embedded in Western Society that it is invisible! And one of the youth on a panel told me that White Supremacy is to the point in our society that if you removed it, you would not see ANY difference in our society! INCREDIBLE! I hope I’m able to come back and have such transformative dialogue!

Encountering White Supremacy here sponsored by the #blackjewish Justice Alliance was a wonderful way to look inside the minds of The Left. There is Hope for the Future Guys!

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