Reverse Racism

A Look at Reverse Racism in the Culture Today. From Affirmative Action to the recent riots.

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America Is Not Racist But Free!

America is Not Racist But Free:

We talk about:

  • Juneeteeth
  • The Myth of Systematic Racism
  • Black Culture
  • Where to go from here

Her original video inspired me to start streaming actual video response to the Candace Owens situation:

I love how she says that people like George Floyd and Rayshard Books are not “My Community”. There are differences I think between Black People and Hood People:

The Rayshard Brooks Shooting Was Justified:
Did you know that there is no correlation between the race of the police officer and the race of the person being shot — unless you are white, then you have a 25% higher chance of being shot and killed. Making the police more diverse does not decrease the chance of killings. Black people, us, for some reason do more violent crime, the crime that causes the police to have to get involved. I talk about this too:

Candace Owens gets traction because she is speaking Truth that many, many black people are thinking but are too afraid to speak out. They are afraid of speaking out because they don’t want to have their black card cancelled by social media. The Mob mentality that most Black Americas are in makes it harder for us to be critical and self-improving of ourselves. We saw the same thing with Trump, too many people were afraid to talk to the media and to the polls, giving Clinton a 95% chance of winning the day before the election. People came up to me all the time saying they were voting for Trump but were too afraid to talk. Elections are one thing, this Black Mob in the Black Community is more important and harmful because Culture affects people directly. If Black people from Africa can come to America and make it and show no disparity, starting from the bottom, why can’t African Americans who live here do as well as Africans if there is Systemic Racism? And why don’t we see these disparate Among Black Women? Why don’t we see them among Married African Americans?

Anyway, I found that people absorb these Ideas better when I stream them on Facebook/YouTube/Twitch. What Candace is saying is more than just 5% of Blacks, I say around 20% of blacks agree with her but are too afraid to speak out.

I’m writing a paper on the “God of Social Justice” that I think is animating a lot of the responses. Social Justice is not justice and is a Marxist value. Its going to tear up society and is already dividing the Church.

If you don’t want to watch all of those videos, watch this one it sums up all of the other videos.

I’m really animated by this issue! I’m biased.

My Assertion is that America is not Racist But Free! People on Facebook/YouTube/Periscope and Twitch will try to make their argument against it.

Today we celebrate the end of Chattel Slavery in the United States. Some argue that there is a different type of Slavery affecting African Americans.

Going through lots of history here.


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