Rayshard Brooks: Fight The Police?

Should we fight the police?

Is it smart to grab someone’s taser?

Should the Police shoot people who are armed with a less lethal weapon?

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvmFwj96YsU

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Black People Vs Hood N****s

There is a difference between Black People and Hood N***s.

Has these differences in culture but not in skin color negativity affected the African American Condition in America?

What can Black People do about it?
What can Hood People do about it?
What can Christians do about it?
What can Republicans do about it?

What does it mean to be Black?
What do we do about people who were not born Black but now want to be Black? We look at the Rachel Dolezal case. People who are #Transracial
What does it mean to live in the Hood?
What about the N Word?
Can we have more educated people in the Hood?

Do we need to #DefundThePolice? Do we need to not have the Police Anymore?

A Conversation between Spencer and DJ from South Central Los Angeles.

Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ujkeNGlQw0

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George Floyd: Martyr or Druggie Criminal?

New evidence comes out about George Floyd.

Should African Americans put people on a pedestal and wear shirts with their name on them, or should we not glorify people who are criminals?

A Conversation and response to Candace Owens and her video of her speaking out about him.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/jnX9FOGda9I

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Are The Police Racist Toward White People?

There is some evidence that may seem to suggest that the Police are racists toward White People.

Yes, White People. Its a question that I asked by asking questions. Lets see where the results take us.

This is a look at a horrible killing and conversation with my street friend from South Los Angeles– at evidence that may lead to conclusions about modern racial tensions in America Today.

With all of the protests and rioting going on, we need to examine as a community if the claim that Black Men are being hunted in the street and that there is an epidemic of unarmed black shootings is actually true. Its an assumption, but is it true?

Also, there are tips in here for how to survive a police encounter, for White People as well as Black People.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/QCurcfDfPfc

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Policing In Sydney Australia

Conversation with Sir. John, who is a policeman in Downtown Sydney, which is the largest city in the largest state in the country of Australia. He has been a Police Officer for 12 years. We discuss the diffrences between polcing in the two countries and the feelings about the government and firearms.

We talk about:

  • Do the police have guns?
  • When you have an emergency, you don’t dial 911, you dial 000.
  • Sydney is the largest city in the largest state in the country of Australia. John is a police officer in the most dense part of the city. He works in the Domestic Violence specialty team.
  • We talk about Policing and how do you deal with crime.
  • We talk about the Australian Gun Ban and how effective it is and why.
  • Certain people shouldn’t have guns, but how do you draw that line?
  • Why should law-abiding citizens not have the right to defend themselves?
  • There was a crazy shooter in 1996 who killed 35 people in Tasmania, and since the government took away all of the guns, there has not been a single mass shooting.
  • There are 5 million people living in Sydney. 25 Million in Australia.
  • We talk about the Aboriginals or first people’s in Sydney and describe how the relationship between these minorities and the White Anglo-Saxon Police go.
  • Why do we have less violence where there are more homogeneous populations?
  • California Prop 47
  • Is there Liberty in Australia since the government has a monopoly on force?
  • The Current Drought in Australia and what the political attitude is here.
  • You are required to vote in Australia or you’ll get a fine.
  • Red Flag Laws
  • Some lady was shot in her car in Australia, showing that Gun Violence still exist even with the ban.
  • A mentally ill person with a gun is more dangerous to society than a drug dealer with a gun.
  • What happens when you take the fear away from being shot from policing?
  • Chicago vs Sydney.
  • Are there gangs in Sydney?
  • Is there racial profiling in Australia?
  • Police in Australia can stop any car for any reason.
  • Police in Australia can’t put handcuffs on people automatically.
  • Are there snitches in Australia?
  • Police are Trigger Happy In America because of Firearms.
  • Key Takeaways from Successful Policing in Sydney.
    • Community Policing at School.
    • Police are Human Beings. They hurt.
  • Wal Mart is called K-Mart in Australia.

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