The Wall

Episode 2 – The Wall

Main Topics:

  1. Is there a Christian Case For Building The Wall?
  2. Does God Have a Chosen People?
    – Who are God’s People?
  3. How does religion work with Politics?
  4. Can Christians Judge?

A Conversation between Spencer and Eric on these and minor subjects.

Minor Topics:

  • Homelessness.
  • The Tower of Babel.
  • Doors.
  • Do our beliefs get in the way?
  • Is it easier for suicide people to get into Isreal if there was not a wall?
  • Can we be neutral?
  • Should a Christian come across the border illegally if they wanted a better life?

Things to Look Up:

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Spencer Sims

Seventh-day Adventist Christian Software Engineer in Los Angeles. Lives to glorify the name of Jesus! Also founder of this blog.

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