Episode 1 – Reformation Day

  1. Why a Podcast.
    • No More RSS. Blogs hard to find.
    • Centralization of Content on Facebook.
    • YouTube Channel too hard to produce.
    • Audio only better able to focus while producing quick thoughts.
    • Hosted on my server and website: EyesOfReason.com
  2. Who am I
    • A Christian.
    • A Seventh-day Adventist Christian.
    • American.
    • Republican.
    • Software Engineer.

  1. Channel Summary.
    • Christian Content.
    • Conservative Content.
    • Science/Technology Content.
    • Bicycle/Motorcycle Content.
  2. What is the Reformation.
    • What was going on in the Roman Catholic Church
      • Indulgences.
      • Pope as the Victar of Christ
      • Church Restricted the Bible to Priests Only
      • *. Five Solas
      • Bible Alone (Sola Scriptra)
      • Solus Christus – By Christ Alone
      • Sola Fide – By Faith Alone
      • Sola Gratia – By Grace Alone
      • Soli Deo Gloria-To God Alone be the Glory
  3. Is the Reformation Still Important?
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Spencer Sims

Seventh-day Adventist Christian Software Engineer in Los Angeles. Lives to glorify the name of Jesus! Also founder of this blog.

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