Does Conservatism Require Belief In God?

I have two good friends
Each different in their own way.

We both come together at Turning Point USA Student Action Summit and we talked about a very key question:

Does Conservatism Require Belief In God?

If you talk to most atheists, they are coming from the Left. That’s normal and expected. What isn’t expected is an atheists who claims to be conservative.
Does that make sense?
Thomas is my friend who is an Atheist. He is perhaps my ONLY friend who is an Atheist who claims to be conservative.
So we define these terms in this podcast episode of Eyes of Reason!

We cover the following Major Questions!

  • Are Atheists Hijacking the Conservative Movement?
  • Can Atheists Be apart of the Republican Party?
  • Why do Atheists believe that Abortion is Wrong?
  • Does Atheism Produce Leftism?
  • When TPUSA has people up on stage who may be Atheists, or Gay, should they be faulted for it?
  • Is it possible to have freedom FROM religion?
  • Are Atheists and Conservatives Allies?
  • Is there an Objective standard of Morality?
  • Could we call TPUSA A Conservative Organization?
  • Is Libertarian ideology taking over the Conservative Movement?

This was at TPUSA’s Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach Florida, December 2019.

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Two Very Special Guests: Thomas Sheedy and Best David (The Urban Philosopher)

Thomas Sheedy

  • Atheist Activist
  • Refugee of Reason
  • Used to be an assistant State Director of United Atheists

The Urban Philsopher.

  • Recent Graduate from John C. Smith University

One of the major questions we cover is about The Enlightenment.

  • When was it?
  • Can Human Beings be Tusted?
  • Is Divine Right true?
  • IF Human beings are entrusted by God to be able to read and interpert the scripture, then Kings and Priests are not necessary.
  • What is Classical Liberalism?
  • What is the Conflict between Freedom vs Order?

We talk about the Jefferson Bible.

If we throw out God from political philosophy, doesn’t then people simply become the property of the state?

Is the Individual more important than the state and only becomes a citizen of the state through consent?

Did Goldwater want a more secular Government?

What is the Religious Right?

  • Was it a reaction to the Sexual Revoltion?
  • Was it an injection into the Conservative Movement?
  • Was American Society and Republican Politics always based on Religious Ideas?

What was the New Atheist Movement?

  • Four Hoseman: Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennit.
  • How Skeptiable Should People Be?
  • Seperation of Church and State
  • 2001-2014
  • SJW came into the movement and said that it was too white and male.

Is “Modern Day Conservatism” really Liberalism?
Is “Modern Day Conservatism” founded on Classical Liberalism?

Is a lot of what is Libertarian really Classical Liberalism?
Is Libertarian ideology taking over the Conservative Movement?

More than half the room of TPUSA SAS stood up and claimed that they are Libertarian.

Three Views in this debate are discussed:

  • Conservatism is based on Classical Liberalism (Spencer)
  • Conservatism is not based on Classical Liberalism (David). Designed to combat to Liberalism.
  • Modern Day Conservatism is based on Classical Liberalism (Thomas)

Traditional Conservatism – Human beings can make rational discisions

Has Conservatism in US Politics Changed?

Dave Rubin is the #1 Promoter of the Term “Classical Liberalism”
Does Candas Owens, and other in the Republican Party have ideas that agree with Classical Liberalism, representative of Conservatism?

Steven Crowder, Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro: America is built on a idea that rights are given to us by God and not Government — Conservatism. This is the foundation of what it means to be Conservative but how does Thomas, who rejects this, be a Conservative?

Can someone who is “sympathetic” with the Pro Life Movement be considered a Conservative?

Is there an Objective standard of Morality?

If our Society is Liberal, then if objective morality doesn’t exist, then sje everyone be a Liberal or a Leftist?

What is the Conservative Movement now?

According to The Urban Philosopher there is a Classical Definition to Conservatism. There are Three Institutions that define what it means to be a conservative.

  • Church – Preach the Gospel of God.
  • Government – Curb people from choosing irrational decisions.
  • Family – Nuclear family is Important.

Once you take out one of those institution, does the Government automatically expand? Sources for this are at the end of the article.

Is there a such thing as an Atheist?

Why is Murder Wrong? Can an atheist make a good argument for why murder is wrong?

If God reveals His Law to us and writes it in our hearts, then should everyone be Christian?

We love Turning Point USA!

BUT Could we call TPUSA A Conservative Organization?

  • Is it okay if they are not a conservative organization?
  • Are the values of Conservatism transcendent?
  • When TPUSA has people up on stage who may be Atheists, or Gay, should they be faulted for it?

Has the Left gone of the deep end beacuse they ignore the Creator God?

If you don’t beleive in God, do you have to beleive that Truth and Morality are Relative?

What about the Transgender person and Maximizing Happiness?

Is the Left a logical conclusion from the lack of belief in God?

What are Atheist Activists Fighting For?

Separation of Church and State:

  • Conservatives believe that the Church should not be told what to do by the State.
  • Does Religious Faith go out the window as soon as they go into School or the Ballot Box?
  • Is Freedom of Religion Important?
  • Is there anyway we can have Freedom FROM religion?
  • Does the World War I Cross Violate any Freedom FROM religion?
  • Should the Schools Teach the Bible?

Is the Constitution based on the Ten Commandments? Is the United States based on the Ten Commandments? Should there be a Ten Commandments Monuments?

When Atheists use and borrow and hijack religious language, are they making sense because they can’t use the word “Good”?

Does America Require a Moral People?

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