The George Floyd/Margaret Sanger Memorial Scholarship

Even though #MargaretSanger was a Racist who would end up killing many tens of thousands of times more than the KKK ever dreamed of, we should Ignore her life and focused on the Movement (Planned Parenthood, Abortion) she started.

Geroge Floyd is the same way, even though he lived a life that is by no mean a role model for anyone, Universities across the country are establishing Scholarships in his legacy. My School, Oakwood University, has established such a scholarship.

Is this something that Universities should do?
Should a person’s life matter?
Should a death matter?


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Rayshard Brooks: Fight The Police?

Should we fight the police?

Is it smart to grab someone’s taser?

Should the Police shoot people who are armed with a less lethal weapon?


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Wuhan Virus: Big Government And Religious Liberty

Aaron Bandler (@bandlersbanter) a writer for the Jewish Journal on antisemitism and Justin Wilson from the Adventist Hermes talk with Spencer about:

  • Is it racist for saying the Virus came from China?
  • Was the Corona Virus Manufactured by Globalist and Released in China?
  • Did the Chinese create the Virus?
  • How does the Virus affect Trump? Is he to blame for the situation in the United States?
  • Is the Corona Virus leading up to the New World Order?
  • How should conservatives think about the expansion of Government under a pandemic?
  • Is it the job of the Federal Government to protect its Citizens from Foreign Diseases?
  • Is the Government doing things behind the scenes in order to gain more power?
  • Was Closing off the Nation’s Borders a Good Thing?
  • Is this just a preparation for an EMP or a Bomb to measure how Americans will react to a larger crisis?
  • Should the Government have the power to tell people not to go to Church due to public Health?
  • Does the Separation of Church and State still apply during a pandemic?
  • When Martial Law Hits, Is the Constitution Irrelevant?

How should conservatives, and religious people, think about whats going on? Does my right to worship end when fear abounds? Where do we draw the line?

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