Are we trying to make Pharisees or Christians?

So this is a copy of a conversation I had on a Church group chat..

(More Adventists keep the Sabbath than any other group on Earth, Including Jews. It’s something very near and dear and important to me. I had a friend over who I was explaining the Sabbath to in part where another person [D] explained that she was going to head of to work. It took me by surprise! I then offer to text my Church group offering to teach a class on how to keep the Sabbath. What follows is a copy fo the reponse to that, and my response, which wasn’t the best, but I was upset. Enjoy)

We need to have a class on how to Keep the Sabbath
I can teach it if necessary

Spencer! Not to worry a series of sermons on how to keep the Sabbath is coming. Pastor has a sermon on just that topic, he started the series @ —–. Wait for it! Wait for it! It’s coming to —– real soon.🤗

Elder and I have instructed K regarding the Sabbath Hours. Babies learn how to walk. K is a baby Christian and will learn how to walk as an adult Christian.
And you need to know that D is not a baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. If there is a next time, share that with him before you become too judgmental of others.
Be blessed, Spencer.

Dear Jesus, isn’t this exactly where we work on relationship with Jesus first. We’re so focused on the Sabbath that we’re missing the basics. My Father help us.

So you know, Spencer, your words have no filter and you come off accusatory.

Why we work ….
It just might not be inviting folk to church that’s the problem….
We need to learn how to love people and disciple Jesus’ way….
Are we trying to get them to Jesus or just the Sabbath? I’m just wondering.
Yes Pastor and teach them about Jesus…in my thought it’s meeting people with an agenda to indoctrinate them to make them apart of a team instead of teaching them who Jesus is, what He has provided for them by salvation and what discipleship is all about. I must say that I’m perplexed because I don’t agree with how it seems we believe in doing this.
In general.
Are we trying to make Pharisees or Christians is my question. I don’t mean to be rude. I’m just being honest.
I had a convo with someone about Kobe Bryant’s death yesterday and the first thing said by someone was “I hope he had a chance to hear the third angels message so he can be saved. My response is WHAT!!! I hope he heard that Jesus died for His sins and if he confessed his sins and accepted the gift of Jesus Christ death burial and resurrection He has eternal life. When that plane went down what was going to save Kobe was knowing Jesus in the pardon of his sins.

Hey, the response came during work so I could not look at it, then I wanted to make sure I was introspective and really considered what you guys were saying before writing the following response:

Sorry for being accusatory. I had no idea that D isn’t a member of the Church. She was in the Church longer than I have and I has assumed that. Now that I think about it, she has questions about many of the teachings of the Church, but they only come up when you engage her in questions. So when she told Joshua that she was working on the Sabbath, it really caught me by surprise beacuse I’m trying to communicate to him about God’s day, and to have someone who I thought was an ally drop that bomb on me left me having to fight two fronts.

I realized I haven’t talked to K about this aspect of Faith, but then I realized that I kinda learned how to keep Sabbath from Oakwood. Not everyone gets that experience.

I’m trying to make Seventh-Day Adventists. I’m trying to build that Army of Youth, rightly trained, that will take the Everlasting Gospel of the Three Angel’s Messages into all the Earth. If I wanted to be entertained I can find Sunday Churches for that. If I wanted a Club I can hang out with motorcycle people for that, if I wanted to debate I can hang out with political friends for that. But I want to hang out with people that want to have God’s laws written in their minds and are excited for the return of Jesus Christ. That’s why I’m a Seventh-Day Adventist. We wonder why the Church isn’t full when we try to copy everything the other Churches are doing. Many of our Churches have copied the Sunday people’s liturgy, music, dress, even doctrines while throwing away the precious Truths that God has revealed to our Church.

And what is sad is that people are looking for Church that isn’t nominal. That isn’t like everyone else. A church that is active and living and distinctive.

And so when I talk to people about my Church I can’t say “beacuse we are loving” beacuse there are loving Churches out there (and so are we); I can’t say “beacuse we have awesome Worship music” (that is true) but other Churches can say the same thing. I want to be able to say “Beacuse we know what’s going to happen in these last days and we can help you prepare for it”. That’s what I want to say. That’s why we Trust God when it comes to the Sabbath. That’s why we Trust God when it comes to not eating meat. That’s why we Trust God when it comes to how we Dress and the State of the Dead and Prophecy and why we have EGW.

Those things make Church exciting and alive and a Church that experiences Jesus in a way that is different than everything else people normally associate with Church.

But I feel like accusing the Church of losing that First Love, which is why it seems as if no one at our Church is advocating inviting others besides maybe two other people. Why invite them to Church if you don’t believe that the SDA Church is the Remnant Church? Would those who are not paid to come to Church still come if they were not paid?

Sometimes I’m scared to invite some people to Church beacuse I fear that they would not observe a reason to come. Now I don’t have that fear since I can articulate it much better. But I had to go to other Churches and conferences and GYC to figure that out. More than Pharisees and more than Christians: Adventists! Consevative Adventists sold out for Jesus and wanting to see Los Angeles won to Him. Having a Church that provides guidance on how to keep the Sabbath, God’s Holy Day, for when I’m not in Church would be a great start for that. Especially if we expect to have dozens of more people come through our doors when they see the sign up on their way to and from the new stadium. I don’t mean to be rude, just being honest with myself and the state of how I see my Church.


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