Are The Police Racist Toward White People?

There is some evidence that may seem to suggest that the Police are racists toward White People.

Yes, White People. Its a question that I asked by asking questions. Lets see where the results take us.

This is a look at a horrible killing and conversation with my street friend from South Los Angeles– at evidence that may lead to conclusions about modern racial tensions in America Today.

With all of the protests and rioting going on, we need to examine as a community if the claim that Black Men are being hunted in the street and that there is an epidemic of unarmed black shootings is actually true. Its an assumption, but is it true?

Also, there are tips in here for how to survive a police encounter, for White People as well as Black People.


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Spencer Sims

Seventh-day Adventist Christian Software Engineer in Los Angeles. Lives to glorify the name of Jesus! Also founder of this blog.

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