A Fearless Church

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7 KJV

If we are fearful over something that kills 0.03% of people then I tremble at the thought of what will happen when the National Sunday Law comes. I don’t think that we as a Church will all of a sudden gain any new resolve or muscles or confidence when the threat becomes 10% or 20%.

But let’s not focus on the data and what the health people are saying.

Church folk were doing little before the pandemic, and now do I think we’ll do more after it? I pray so, but I fear it will be directed towards areas that won’t make the Church grow but stagnant in it’s complacency and misdirected along with the rest of society.

If my actions condemn others, it’s not me that is doing the condemning, it’s their own Spirit. I’ve never condemned anyone, they have to be convinced in their own mind.

But His forgiveness is like sweet, sweet honey on my lips, it causes me to go out there and let others to know about the Gospel in a real and powerful way.

The risk is nonzero for me and is probably higher than most people. But I trust God.

If people feel alienated; they are more than free to join or support me in this fight.

When the Church meets I hope we look at our response to the Coronavirus as a testing time for the time of Jacob’s Trouble. For when the night comes, no man can work. We should exercise that muscle now to stand up for what we believe in, for when the real hard times come, we might not be able to get the courage. And courage is one of those values that Christians should be known for.

Feelings matter, and the feelings should cause people to do some introspection as to why they feel that way.

I would love it if the Church could encourage people to join. To allow people to say “I can’t do what Spencer is doing, but let me support him in his efforts to reach souls for the Kingdom”

Feelings matter and should be used to motivate people for right actions.

Most people in the Church are not blind, but want to believe a narrative that conforms to their presuppositions.

This means that many are OK with giving up their Constitutional Religious Freedom in the Name of Peace and Safety. I’ve talked about this before.

So let’s use people’s feelings of fear and provide guidance on how to redirect it for spreading the Gospel, not to condemn those who do. Maybe there needs to be some barriers, maybe the line between truth and error will become more and more clear as Jesus approaches.

A Fearful World DEMANDS a Fearless Church.

Now more than ever before.

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Spencer Sims

Seventh-day Adventist Christian Software Engineer in Los Angeles. Lives to glorify the name of Jesus! Also founder of this blog.

One thought on “A Fearless Church”

  1. The world needs a fearless church in a fearful world. Agree. We also need to use the wisdom of God and be led by the Holy Spirit, not legalism or on our own accord. Being unable to meet together does not mean we cannot spread the Word, bring people to Christ. This should be a daily effort on each individual’s part – not just something we do on the 7th day of the week. I don’t think you’re condemning or self righteous. I think you are calling us out of complacency and that is important. I just don’t think that we’re all going to do it the same way and that’s ok. As long as you’re doing SOMETHING and not being silent. Thanks for the work you’re doing! Continue being safe 🙏🏾

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