Reverse Racism

A Look at Reverse Racism in the Culture Today. From Affirmative Action to the recent riots.

  • What is Racism?
  • Cracka Movie
  • Reverse Racism
  • Affirmative Action


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Why Banning Speech Does Not Work!

Today I was banned from a Facebook Group For agreeing with a sign that said that there are only two genders. Within minutes there were dozens of comments for the admin to ban me for being “toxic”.

The Facebook Group Useless, Unsucessful and or Unpopular Signage banned me for agreeing with the sign which says that there are only Two Genders.

Someone posted this pic and I said “Transgender implies that there are only two genders so don’t worry about it.”

Minutes later there were dozens of posts tagging the admin and calling my post “Hate Speech” for which when I went to reply, I could not because i was #banned!

Another person I think was banned to for support of the statement that their are only #twogenders. Banning and blocking people doesn’t change their minds. It only drives it underground.

Facebook should be liable for the content on its platform since they are going around and silencing speech.


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America Is Not Racist But Free!

America is Not Racist But Free:

We talk about:

  • Juneeteeth
  • The Myth of Systematic Racism
  • Black Culture
  • Where to go from here

Her original video inspired me to start streaming actual video response to the Candace Owens situation:

I love how she says that people like George Floyd and Rayshard Books are not “My Community”. There are differences I think between Black People and Hood People:

The Rayshard Brooks Shooting Was Justified:
Did you know that there is no correlation between the race of the police officer and the race of the person being shot — unless you are white, then you have a 25% higher chance of being shot and killed. Making the police more diverse does not decrease the chance of killings. Black people, us, for some reason do more violent crime, the crime that causes the police to have to get involved. I talk about this too:

Candace Owens gets traction because she is speaking Truth that many, many black people are thinking but are too afraid to speak out. They are afraid of speaking out because they don’t want to have their black card cancelled by social media. The Mob mentality that most Black Americas are in makes it harder for us to be critical and self-improving of ourselves. We saw the same thing with Trump, too many people were afraid to talk to the media and to the polls, giving Clinton a 95% chance of winning the day before the election. People came up to me all the time saying they were voting for Trump but were too afraid to talk. Elections are one thing, this Black Mob in the Black Community is more important and harmful because Culture affects people directly. If Black people from Africa can come to America and make it and show no disparity, starting from the bottom, why can’t African Americans who live here do as well as Africans if there is Systemic Racism? And why don’t we see these disparate Among Black Women? Why don’t we see them among Married African Americans?

Anyway, I found that people absorb these Ideas better when I stream them on Facebook/YouTube/Twitch. What Candace is saying is more than just 5% of Blacks, I say around 20% of blacks agree with her but are too afraid to speak out.

I’m writing a paper on the “God of Social Justice” that I think is animating a lot of the responses. Social Justice is not justice and is a Marxist value. Its going to tear up society and is already dividing the Church.

If you don’t want to watch all of those videos, watch this one it sums up all of the other videos.

I’m really animated by this issue! I’m biased.

My Assertion is that America is not Racist But Free! People on Facebook/YouTube/Periscope and Twitch will try to make their argument against it.

Today we celebrate the end of Chattel Slavery in the United States. Some argue that there is a different type of Slavery affecting African Americans.

Going through lots of history here.


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The George Floyd/Margaret Sanger Memorial Scholarship

Even though #MargaretSanger was a Racist who would end up killing many tens of thousands of times more than the KKK ever dreamed of, we should Ignore her life and focused on the Movement (Planned Parenthood, Abortion) she started.

Geroge Floyd is the same way, even though he lived a life that is by no mean a role model for anyone, Universities across the country are establishing Scholarships in his legacy. My School, Oakwood University, has established such a scholarship.

Is this something that Universities should do?
Should a person’s life matter?
Should a death matter?


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Rayshard Brooks: Fight The Police?

Should we fight the police?

Is it smart to grab someone’s taser?

Should the Police shoot people who are armed with a less lethal weapon?


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Christian Privilege

People talk about White Privilege, Black Privilege; but why do we never hear about Christian Privilege?

Lets talk about the Advantages that Christians, in particular Seventh-day Adventist Christians, have in society.

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White Fragility: Can Black People Be Racist?

Can Black People Be Racist? Some would argue no, like Robin Diangelo argues in his book. We review her argument and see if it makes sense. In the era of #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd, definitions are important for how we communicate.

We talk about #Racism, about #Prejudice about if Black People can be Prejudice and can black people be guilty of Discrimination?

We talk about it from the perspective of the Hood in South Central Los Angeles.


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Black People Vs Hood N****s

There is a difference between Black People and Hood N***s.

Has these differences in culture but not in skin color negativity affected the African American Condition in America?

What can Black People do about it?
What can Hood People do about it?
What can Christians do about it?
What can Republicans do about it?

What does it mean to be Black?
What do we do about people who were not born Black but now want to be Black? We look at the Rachel Dolezal case. People who are #Transracial
What does it mean to live in the Hood?
What about the N Word?
Can we have more educated people in the Hood?

Do we need to #DefundThePolice? Do we need to not have the Police Anymore?

A Conversation between Spencer and DJ from South Central Los Angeles.

Watch on YouTube:

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George Floyd: Martyr or Druggie Criminal?

New evidence comes out about George Floyd.

Should African Americans put people on a pedestal and wear shirts with their name on them, or should we not glorify people who are criminals?

A Conversation and response to Candace Owens and her video of her speaking out about him.


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Are The Police Racist Toward White People?

There is some evidence that may seem to suggest that the Police are racists toward White People.

Yes, White People. Its a question that I asked by asking questions. Lets see where the results take us.

This is a look at a horrible killing and conversation with my street friend from South Los Angeles– at evidence that may lead to conclusions about modern racial tensions in America Today.

With all of the protests and rioting going on, we need to examine as a community if the claim that Black Men are being hunted in the street and that there is an epidemic of unarmed black shootings is actually true. Its an assumption, but is it true?

Also, there are tips in here for how to survive a police encounter, for White People as well as Black People.


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